Wanamassa Fire Company
Township of Ocean
Fire District 2
Monmouth County, NJ


Your Volunteer Fire Department


We are a 100% Volunteer Fire Department.  We proudly serve the Township of Ocean District #2, in Monmouth County, NJ.  Our department covers everything from water rescue, extrication, decontamination, and fire suppression.  Our mission is to provide a professional service to the residents of Ocean Twp. at a volunteer price.   

2018 Officers

Line Officers

Administrative Officers

  • Chief: Brian Pemberton
  • 1st Assistant Chief:  Dean Schoch II
  • 2nd Assistant Chief: Nicholas Dowling
  • Captain: Paul Kowaliwskyj
  • 1st Lieutenant: David Cohen
  • 2nd Lieutenant: Nick Coalilo
  • President: Patrick J. Barrett
  • Vice President: W. Michael Evans
  • Secretary: William D. Boyington
  • Asst. Secretary Steven Grant
  • Treasurer: David Greene
  • Asst. Treasurer Steven Sexton

Training Divsion

  • Capt .Paul Kowaliwskyj , OIC
  • 1st Lt. David Cohen
  • 2nd Lt. Nick Coalilo

  • Ex-Chief Michael Evans
  • FF Matt Armstrong

Contact Chief Brian Pemberton

732-775-9784 ext 3104


Contact President Patrick J. Barrett

732-775-9784 ext 3104